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Birthdate:Dec 5
Location:United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
bellatrix LeStrange was born on December 5th, 1951. A member of the pure-blood Black family, Bellatrix was one of three sisters, the other two being Andromeda and Narcissa. A quiet and intelligent child, Bellatrix adored her sister Narcissa in their youth but as childhood turned to teenage angst, Narcissa fell in with the popular crowd and her rejection of her 'creepy' sister turned Bellatrix sour.

Bellatrix entered Hogwarts in 1962 and was sorted into Slytherin. She proved a keen student with a high intelligence though troublesome in discipline. She was banned from care of magical creatures in the 4th year and was caught out of bed after hours on so many occasions that Argus Filch put in a formal request to have her bed caged. It was refused.

Bella graduated in 1969 with high grades in potions, herbology and charms. For the next ten years, she and her lover Rodolphus travelled extensively around Europe where they met up with Rodolphus' father, LeStrange Snr (one of the original Knights of Walpurgis) and Rodolphus's brother Rabastan. It was among these people where Bella first actively involved herself in the following of lord Voldemort. They returned to London when Rodolphus' grandfather was dying, Rabastan came with them but LeStrange senior stayed behind.

On the grandfather's death, Bellatrix and Rodolphus were married and took over the LeStrange family shop Barberry and Co, a quality herbalist and potion supply shop within Knockturn Alley. An excellent potions maker specialising in under the counter products, Bellatrix was naturally talented in the field and quickly came to be considered the finest poisons mistress since Barberry himself first opened in 1865. she also sells restricted and illegal products under the counter including (to the most trusted client), unicorn blood. Rodolphus mostly courts the clients and keeps the books.

The LeStranges are considered Voldemort's most trusted and loyal family. They primarily act as the main London thread of communication between the Dark Lord and his followers (who are currently in Central Europe), passing information on meetings and activities over the shop counter- something Bella likes to call 'pleasant conversation'.

they live in a dilapidated Georgian terrace in Princelette St, Spitalfields.

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general debauchery, herbs, killing muggles, poisons, potions, seducing men
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